See All of Your Apple Podcasts Reviews in One Place

Apple Podcasts doesn’t notify you when you have new reviews, and it only shows the reviews in your country. If you want to know when you get a new review, you have to manually check your podcast listing in each country.

Review Ranger automatically checks for your reviews worldwide, notifies you when you get new reviews, and lets you analyze them easily.

Review Ranger will be released in two forms: as an online service that processes the data on our server, and a WordPress plugin that processes the data on your server. The WordPress plugin will allow you to embed the reviews on your site.

January 2022 Update: This project was on the back burner for a long time, and it is now being rewritten from the ground up. The new version will be focused on reliability, and the intention is to make it a lean, minimalist app.

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Find Out Automatically

Get notified by email when new reviews arrive. Adjust the frequency of notification emails.

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Sort reviews by country, rating, date, author, title, and content. Filter by country and rating.

Analyze Quickly

View charts that break down your countries and ratings. Export reviews to CSV.

More Information

Features Under Consideration

  • Gather reviews from directories other than Apple Podcasts
  • Customize table design
  • Show/hide review columns
  • Track reviews from multiple podcasts
  • Hide specific reviews
  • Display your podcast reviews publicly on Review Ranger

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